Monday, December 12, 2011

Cheap Christmas Decor! {Woot! Woot!}

It's the most wonderful time of the year!
{and the most spendy}.
But Christmas decor that makes a
lasting impression
doesn't have to make a
lasting DENT in your wallet! 

In fact, if you're willing to put a little time into
making your own decor, you can have
unique, gorgeous decorations
for almost

This is a Christmas bunting I made out of burlap.
I had the burlap on hand,
but you can buy it for about $4.00 a yard.
This used about 1/4 of a yard.
I used black acrylic paint and just free-handed the letters.

Burlap: $1
Black paint: $1.50
Twine: $1.50

Total: $4.00

I love chalkboards! I have them all over my house!
A can of Chalkboard Paint is about $14, but the amount of paint
it took to make this platter was probably about $ .05!
{$14 is a lot of money for paint, but this stuff will last you
FOREVER! I've had mine for a
year and have done dozens
of projects with it!}

And...the platter? From The Dollar Tree! {score!}
Silver Platter: $1.00
Chalkboard paint: $.05

Total: $1.05!

I fell in love with this garland after seeing it
on one of my favorite blogs.

You can check out her tutorial HERE
To make this garland you need three things:
1) a string of white lights
2) a book you don't care about (or just go to the
Dollar Tree and buy one for $1)
3) Unbleached (brown) coffee filters (you can just use the book pages
and leave out the coffee filters. Either way, it will be gorgeous!)

String of white lights from Dollar General: $3.00
Book from Dollar Tree: $1
Unbleached coffee filters: $1.50

Total: $5.50

One of my new favorite things is
Paper Medallions!!!!
I love them and can't get enough of them!
So...I made some garlands with them.

Click Here for a great paper medallion tutorial.

Book from Dollar Tree: $1.00
Card Stock: $.49 each
Twine: 1.50
Scrapbook scalloped punch: had it on hand
Hole punch: had it on hand

Total: $3.50

The same blog that inspired me to make the
paper garland
inspired me to make flowers made out

Check out Little Big Nest's tutorial HERE

Paper bag: FREE!

Total: FREE!!!

And finally, what's more classic
than ornaments in a hurricane vase?

I already had the hurricane vase.
The ornaments: Dollar Tree!
It took $3 to fill this vase.

Total: $3.00

I hope you saw something here that
inspires you to create your own
fabulous decorations!

Until next time,
Happy Decorating!


A Marvelous Mess


  1. I'm crazy about burlap, and I love your Merry Christmas burlap hanger! I featured it on my blog, so be sure to check it out!

  2. these are all such great ideas! i love the bunting and the paper garland!