Thursday, November 29, 2012

CHEAP Storage

You Guys!

You're SO not gonna believe this! 
I found this pin on Pinterest
about spray painting storage bins from the
Dollar Tree,
and I was like, "NO WAY!".
So, of course I had to try it out, because it's like the 
cheapest storage solution on the planet! 

So, I went to the Dollar Tree to get my bins.
Unfortunately, the size I needed was hard to come by.
I had to go to two different stores, 
and I only came up with six 11x11 bins.

So this is what they look like:



Buy these:

The tan is so much easier to cover, and since 
I was painting them blue, the spray paint 
covered these like a dream. 
The other two styles were horrid. 
Don't get them. 
Just don't.
I started out spray painting the bins in a box, but they
wouldn't stand up very well, so the best method
I found was to just hold them up and 
go to town!

Of course, it's always a good idea to wear gloves
when you're spray painting,
but I have a tendency to do things the 
messy way!

Case in point:

FYI, here's a fun little tid-bit:
What does one do when they're covered 
with blue paint and look like they're 
a member of the Blue Man Group? 

I had a feeling that my usual solution of 
scrubbing my hands with steel wool wasn't gonna 
cut it this time, unless I wanted to remove 5 layers of my 
So, once again, Google to the rescue!
Rub your hands with olive oil for a 
few minutes, and then rinse off with Dawn. 

You're welcome.

So, you wanna see how they turned out?
Not bad, eh?
Not too shabby for $6.
But I've still got some work to do...     

Now, if I can just find three more....


  1. You can also try goo gone. When Stacy and I stained the pallets we are using for headboards, that got pretty messy. I was so afraid I was gonna get the stuff all over my new carpet! We tried goo gone, and it worked awesome!