Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thank{ful} Indeed

You see....
Bud Hodges doesn't know how to quit. 
Soon after Mom and Dad got married, Dad took on 
some side jobs to get extra cash. 
One of his side gigs was fixing lawn mowers. 
He'd fidget with a part and pull the starter rope.
So, he'd fidget with another part and pull the starter rope.
Time after time.
Hour after hour.
Mom would just stare out the window shaking her head, 
wondering WHEN that man would just give it up already!

{I would have given up after the second pull.
Clearly I've been graced with my Mother's patience}

A year ago, this is how Mom and Dad spent 
their Thanksgiving
According to the pulmonologist, Dad would 
be able to survive without a ventilator.
So, when he finally got healthy enough to go without it, 
they kept him prepped for it for a long time
 (with the passy-muir cap covering the hole),
because going back on the ventilator wasn't a question of
"if", it was a matter of "when" in the minds of the specialists.

But they'd never met Bud Hodges before....
and they'd never seen the works of 
My God!

Not one of those doctors would have believed that
one year later, Dad would be alive and well!
Yesterday my mom and sister took him to his old stompin' grounds--
Pizza Heaven!
Back before he got sick, he would stop there on his way
to check the oil wells on his Cisco route.
Just about his most favorite place in the world to eat! 
I guess you could say we're all pretty Thankful this year! 
Thankful for a wonderful Savior who has 
carried us through the 
Thankful that God made my Daddy as stubborn as a mule, 
so he would never be able to give up!
Thankful that he's getting stronger everyday!
Thankful that even when every doctor 
{except for our beloved Dr. Matter, of course}
told us Daddy had 
of survival,
Our GOD fought for us!

"The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still."

Exodus 14:14

      Yes, indeed.


  1. Shoot Girl! That dad of yours is downright amazing. If I had one ounce of his grit I would solve world hunger. To God be the glory. GREAT things He has done!!

    1. Yes, Ma'am! He's somethin' else, and I'm so very proud of him!