Saturday, December 8, 2012

Shoe Organizer Advent Calendar

As soon as I saw 
on Pinterest I was
All you need is 
1) shoe organizer- I got mine at Walmart= $5
2) free printables (on link above)
3) card stock= $4
4) clothes pins- Dollar Tree= $1
5) spray paint- had it on hand, but can get
it at Walmart for about $3.50
6) hot glue- Dollar Tree= $1
7) double sided tape or Elmer's Glue

Did somebody say spray paint?
 I'm in!

Here's Eighteen 25's version:
And here's mine:

I cut my brown card stock wider than she did,
in order to fully cover up the pockets.

I found these cute little Santas
at Archiver's and hot glued one
of them on to one of the clothes pins.

That way the boys know 
which day we're on for the count down. 

I love how it turned out!
The pockets are a great size for 
small gifts for the boys, or cards revealing
the special activity we'll do each day of the month. 

It's become one of my 
Christmas traditions!


  1. Thanks, Stace! I've gotta admit, I love how it turned out-- and so easy! =)