Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wide Awake!

Two years ago last night
I got a phone call at 2 am.
My exhausted brain tried to comprehend
what was happening.
I could hear my two sisters, my mom, and
our dear family friend, Stacy all on the line.
I was confused.
Why were there so many voices?
It took me a while to realize we were
on a conference call.
Mom was calling to tell us that
Dad had taken a turn for the worse.
The doctor didn't have much hope
and that he was too sick to operate.
I had just flown back to MN eight hours
ago, after being with him at the hospital
in Dallas for a week.
It was clear that I had to hop on the next plane
and return to Dallas.

Two plane tickets within
the same pay period simply was not a possibility!
We don't have any credit cards, so that wasn't
even an option.
I didn't even have time to worry
about my plane ticket,
when I got a phone call from my
sister. Several ladies from
her church had pooled their
money and had come up with
enough money to buy my ticket!
It was all too much.
It was such an overwhelming
experience. I knew my Dad was dying,
but I was so aware of God's presence
and his provision.
I was so overwhelmed by the fact that
He was literally carrying me
through that day, and, oh, yeah...
here's a plane ticket so you can
get down there.

Tears streamed down my face as I
packed my suitcase.
As I threw items in haphazardly,
I suddenly realized that I needed
to pack clothes for his funeral.
I grabbed every black article of clothing that I had,
wadded them up, and threw them into the suitcase.

I was mad.
I was confused.
I was in denial, and yet I knew
exactly what was happening.
Dad was going to have surgery
to repair the infected heart valve that had
been rotted because of his staph infection.
There was less than a 20% chance
that he would survive.

When I got back to Dallas,
I was so overwhelmed by the support of
so many loved ones!
My dear friend from my high school
youth group picked me up at the airport.
His mom had flown in from
St. Louis.
We had people from all over the
state of Texas sitting in the
waiting room with my mom.
I walked in, saw all of those beautiful faces,
and though it was so comforting,
all I wanted to do was find my mom's face in the crowd.
There she was.
our eyes met, and the tears
streamed once again.
Is he out of surgery? Have you heard anything?”
No. Nothing yet.”
We hugged and did the only thing we could:

Hours passed, and Dr. Matter
finally came in to talk to us.
Dad had died on the operating table,
but he was able to resuscitate him!
Although the surgery was over,
he was far from out of the woods.
We were told time and time again by nurses
and different doctors
to turn off the machines because there
was no hope.
We were told to say our goodbye's, because,
nobody has ever been this sick and
left our hospital alive”.

Dad was in the ICU for 6 months,
and in the hospital eleven days
shy of a year.
But because of the faith of my amazing
mother, my Dad is still alive
two years later.
She refused to listen to them.
God had told her that he would survive,
so no matter what
said, her faith was solid
as a rock!

The last two years have been the most
horrible, but most wonderful two years
of my entire life.
There's no way I would ever wish upon anyone
what my family has gone through,
and yet I wouldn't take a million dollars for the
place that God has brought us all!

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,
whenever you face trials of many kinds,
because you know that the testing
of your faith produces perseverance.
Let perseverance finish its work so that
you may be mature and complete,
not lacking anything.”

James 1: 2-4

Something I will never take for granted
again is the value of amazing friends.
Friends who don't know what to say,
or what to do, but they're
there anyway.
It surely is a beautiful thing
when the Body of Christ
comes together
in the way it's intended to.
We've gotten to see
the most beautiful things through this
terrible experience.
We've seen amazing people who were
literally the hands and feet of Jesus to us
when we were so broken and hurting.
Friends who came out of the
woodwork and stood in faith
right alongside us.
Friends from 20+ years ago
who came to the hospital every single day..
Friends who gave meals,
provided lawn service for my parents,
friends who literally prayed through the night
so that we could get some rest when
Dad was in critical condition.
Friends who went to the hospital chapel
and worshiped and prayed with us.

I'm so thankful for where
God has brought my family and I.
I'm so grateful that the Lord
so graciously spared my Dad's life.
And I'm so grateful for the love and
support our family has been shown.

Although I've loved Jesus my whole life,
I spent a majority of my life
spiritually asleep.
Now I'm



  1. Beautiful. God is so good. And refused to leave you asleep, so he did what he had to to wake you up. Isn't he awesome? Love you!!

  2. Stacey, you're so right. He loves us too much to allow us to stay asleep. Love you too! Thank you so much for your support these past two years! <3

  3. There are no words outside of celebratory exclamations! PTL! He is GOOD!

  4. I hope your dad is still doing great. I remember those long hours your mom spent at his bedside. I remember caring for your dad fondly. It's wonderful to see pictures of him outside the ICU and living life.

    Warm Regards,


  5. Robert, I was overjoyed to see your response! Thank you so much for the hours of wonderful care you gave to Dad! Our family cannot thank you enough!!! <3