Saturday, February 22, 2014

{re}purposed Happenings

Helllo, world.
It's been a little while.
In the last year, I've written three posts.

That's because I've been on a
beautiful, crazy, wild adventure for the
last year.

You may have heard:
I started a business.

It's been so much more than I hoped
and yet so much more than I
bargained for!

Having my own business is a dream come true!
It's my dream job!
I get to do what I love...from my home,
and get paid for it!
And yet, it's been so very challenging.

I'm a homeschooler.

While homeschooling is actually ideal
for the line of work I do
because it allows me to be flexible,
you can only
flex so much!

This last year I've had to flex and
bend so much, I was sure I was
going to SNAP!
Running a business while simultaneously
giving my children virtually everything
they will ever need in order to
succeed in life?

Piece of cake, right?!

We also help lead several
areas of ministry at church, 
which means we're pretty much 
constantly running somewhere, or
throwing things in closets
cleaning the house to prepare for
people to come over!
Although some days it doesn't look like
I want it to look like, our lives are full.
It's gone better than I ever
could have hoped for.
My boys are wonderful, brilliant, 
compassionate kids
who have had to learn to go with the flow.

And this little business of mine?
It's going really well.
It's wonderful, actually!

It's been crazy and wonderful and challenging.
There have been a million times
that I've wanted to cry and throw my hands up,
and yet there's been a million times that
I've come to the end of me, and God's
grace, once again,
has lifted me up and taken me to places
I never could have gone otherwise.
It's a beautiful, humbling thing when
he stretches you further than you ever imagined
you could go!
It's in those times that he “tears the muscle”
and helps us become stronger.
It's not always fun or glamorous,
but it creates a 
depth and a strength
that we couldn't have otherwise.
I never would have thought I was
capable of doing everything I've done
for the last year! 

Crazy Mess
of a situation you may find yourself in,
He's greater.
He's bigger.
He's there with you,
and He can make it beautiful.



  1. You make everything so beautiful. :)

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  3. Traci, you and your family are so beautiful. We are so proud of all the work you put into all the things you love in life, whether it be God, family or fun. Keep going strong my lady, you are one of the greatest women ever. xo

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